37 important things i’ve learned while watching ‘quantum of solace’

Name: Quantum of Solace (2008)


Imdb page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0830515/
Rotten Tomatoes page: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/quantum_of_solace/
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4jY8WxcFMo

Important things i’ve learned while watching this:

01. M would appreciate it if Bond didnt kill every possible lead.
02. Evil villains like to meet at the opera.
03. Said villains regard stealing nuclear weapons as cliche. Theyd rather steal water instead.
04. If you’re thirsty enough, you’ll drink motor oil because that will really quench said thirst.
05. International criminal syndicates employ hitmen with very bad hair cuts.
06. Most Bolivian taxi drivers can direct you to the local CIA station.
07. “I can’t find the stationery” – best pick up line ever.
08. Reversing a Range Rover into the wall of a hotel out in the desert will cause the hotel to explode within about 2 minutes.
09. Algerian love knots are a sure fire way into hot brunette secret agents’s knickers.
10. It’s possible to jump from a moving ‘plane, open the parachute eight feet from the ground and walk away without a scratch.
11. You can drive from Lake Como to Siena in an hour or so.
12. MI6 buy their ICT equipment from the Galactic Empire.
13. MI6 girls are easy. And are apparently 15 years old
14. James insurance costs must be through the roof.
15. You can buy cardigans with cancelled credit cards. You can buy speed boats with cancelled credit cards too.
16. You can get from Austria to Italy without a passport.
17. Teachers on sabbatical can stay in luxury 5-star hotels.
18. Bolivian hotels are a fire hazzard.
19. Don’t talk to Dominic Greene like he’s stupid. And don’t anger Dominic Greene.
20. Bolivian mothers see a taxi as a good investment for their sons.
21. A cargo plane is worth a beaten up hatchback.
22. They have people everywhere – even in the middle of the desert to punish failure.
23. James Bond does have one superpower. He can magically change his clothes from the ending of CR and the beginning of QOS, despite happening immediatly after.
24. U are Felix Leiters brother, even though you are a different race.
25. You don’t have to worry about James Bond.
26. Bonds idea of a decent burial is to throw you in the dustbin.
27. MI6, in contrast to its image as an outdated, incompetent organisation constantly in the news for leaving classified information on trains and in pub’ car parks, is a tightly run CTU-style unit with immaculate offices and space age computer technology.
28. After bond kills you, he will check your pulse to make sure you are dead.
29. If you don’t sign then you will go to sleep and wake up with your balls in your mouth and your willing replacement standing over you.
30. Bond’s ankles are his strongest points. They can suffer a fall from 4-store building and never got broken.
31. Bond likes the kinky stuff. He said he hoped Fields brought handcuffs. He probably also wanted a leather whip and blindfold.
32. Bolivia is overrun by hilarious Hispanic stereotypes.
33. Female liaison officers wear nothing but a raincoat and a smile. It’s the oft underrated ‘flasher’ look.
34. It’s possible for a White, one-legged CIA agent to mutate into a Black, two-legged one.
35. Bond can pilot stick-shift cars, boats, and very old planes. MacGuyver can eat his heart out.
36. Never to be Bond’s friend, he will use your body as a shield when enemies shoot at him. And after you die, he will leave your body as garbage but taking away all the money in your wallet.
37. Someone really did just pick two words out of the dictionary to create this meaningless title…

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