37 important things i’ve learned while watching ‘resident evil: extinction’

Name: Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)


Imdb page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0432021/
Rotten Tomatoes page: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/resident_evil_extinction/
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIh4DIH5LHU

Important things i’ve learned while watching this:

01. Leaders of corporations often wear sunglasses to underground – completely dark meeting rooms.
02. When the end of the world happens – there will gangs formed just to lure people in to rape and murder them.
03. A virus can cause the entire planet to become sand-ridden.
04. Pork and beans will be a delicacy when zombies take over the world.
05. No matter how long I go without brushing my teeth, they will always stay completely white.
06. I have a hard time trusting my life to someone that just killed thousands of birds with their mind.
07. If someone mentions to a large group of people that “we are moving to Alaska” everyone in the crowd will say in unison “hooray” or something along those lines – in unison though – has to be in unison.
08. When the end of the world happens, every car will simply disappear. The roads will be clear for driving and there will never be another car in sight for miles and miles and miles(even when you’re on the strip in Vegas).
09. When I create a huge corporation – The first thing I have to do is find a little girl to act as the buildings protector. The little girl will wear a nightgown and should have a british accent…
10. When all else fails, clones is the way to go.
11. George Washington wasn’t really the first United States President.
12. If you spray zombie dog in the face with hydrochloric acid, it will get really angry.
13. Containers can contain more zombies than you would expect judging it from the outside.
14. Master computer will help protect all human life but will also help evil mad scientist..
15. You can distract the evil zombie tyrant by laughing out loud and making it feel ridiculous..
16. Evolved zombies can climb, normal zombies can only use the stairs.
17. Large tongues and tentakles can grow and form from your tissue within miliseconds..
18. Even though the Zombies are supposed to be stupid and clueless to everything in the world (except omg juciy FLESH) when someone would whistle they would respond.
19. Carlos is the mack daddy. Every chick around him seems to want him but he’s “too good” to tap any of them.
20. What happens in Vegas, affects the whole world.
21. Just like pit bulls, zombie dogs are known to turn on their owners.
22. In a room full of completely naked Alice clones, they will all strategically cover their privates, even if they’re unconscious.
23. If you put metal spikes on your wheels, it not only looks cool in a convoy but it will take down the occassional nomad zombie who doesn’t know enough to get out of the way.
24. AM/FM radio will never die.
25. Never encourage the bus driver to drive straight.
26. Climbing a tower without safety precautions could be a bitch.
27. They’re not zombies, they’re biohazards.
28. You always should let an infected person in to a secret base, to be held in confinement with a few guards, nothing bad will happen.
29. Ashanti is even worse at acting than she is at singing.
30. A single zombie can rip himself free of metal chains, but 1000 zombies can’t get through single a chain linked fence.
31. After surviving 5 years with zombies and people dying of bites, they still don’t check people properly after attacks nor spot obvious symptoms of the virus.
32. When the world ends, only supermodels will survive. All the overweight, ugly women will resort to kidnapping, raping, and murdering.
33. Don’t trust distress calls from Utah.
34. How many scientists does it take to tame a zombie? Three. One to test the zombie’s reasoning skills and two to stare and make remarks such as “Remarkable,” and “You’ve done it.”
35. A custom 163 horsepower BMW K 1200 R motorcycle is the appropriate bike for Alice to ride in a post-apocalyptic world that has no gas left.
36. Black people in crowds cheer for going to alaska too, when oftenly complain on how they are more tropical climate friendly.
37. If you added both of Milla’s breasts together, you might make one boob.


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