49 important things i’ve learned while watching “pulp fiction”

Name: Pulp Fiction (1994)


Imdb page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0110912/
Rotten Tomatoes page: http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/pulp_fiction/
Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZBfmBvvotE

Important things i’ve learned while watching this:

01. Don’t wander into Maynard’s pawn shop.
02. Don’t help a guy who just crashed his car, you might get shot.
03. Massaging a womans feet and sticking your tongue in the holiest of holies aint in the same ballpark.
04. Don’t snort John Travolta’s shlt.
05. Don’t forget Bruce Willis’ watch.
06. Dont ever, ever sniff watches.
07. When god intervines the bullet holes show up before the shots.
08. God hates back seat drivers.
09. Fabienne likes blueberry pancakes.
10. Bad things happens when Vega’s in the bathroom.
11. Red Apple cigarettes are only $1.40 a pack in 1994.
12. You don’t fuck with another man’s vehicle.
13. Never have a Flock of Seagulls hairdo.
14. Big Kahuna burgers are a tasty burger.
15. When choosing a bedroom furniture set remember, Oak’s nice.
16. It’s dangerous to have a race car in the red. It could blow.
17. Quentin Tarantino cannot act ….. at all!
18. Doing heroin comes with a groovy song.
19. Blood is hard to wash off.
20. Jack Rabbit Slim’s would be an awesome place to go.
21. In France, they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese a Royale with cheese.
22. They call it that because of the metric system.
23. A boxer can knock out a gimp, no problem.
24. Jules loves Sprite.
25. You can make more money with wallets than a register, whilst robbing.
26. Garcon means boy.
27. Vincent doesn’t like it when people bark orders at him.
28. The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.
29. You know you’ve found somebody really special when you can shut the fvck up for a minute and comfortably share silence.
30. Marcellus Wallace prefers donuts to pop tarts.
31. Pot bellies can be sexy.
32. In Amsterdam, you cant just walk into a bar and start puffing away.
33. If your name is Antoine Rockamore, your nickname could be ‘Tony Rocky Horror’
34. Samoans aren’t fat. They got a weight problem. I mean, what the fvck they gonna do? They Samoan.
35. That Fox Force Five was the basis for Kill Bill.
36. Buddy Holly isn’t much of a waiter.
37. White people who know the difference between good shit and bad shit, go to Lance’s house.
38. Gun supplies stores carry Samurai Swords.
39. Everyone wants to know what was in the suitcase.
40. Hamburgers are the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.
41. In America, our names don’t mean shit.
42. If your child is going slow, always smash the child into ketchup, just to be clever.
43. Always take your gun to the crapper.
44. Everyone should know how to ride a motorcycle because you just never know when it might come in handy.
45. After you kill someone, you won’t feel bad at all when given a ciggerette.
46. Alexis Arquette was a spitting image of Jerry Seinfeld back in ’94.
47. Dont phone Lance late at night and never on a cell-phone.
48. When two people are assigned to wait for an enemy in thier apartment, it’s not a good idea to leave for doughnuts!
49. Jack Rabbit Slims likes to exploit midgets by making them wear ridiculous costumes.

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2 thoughts on “49 important things i’ve learned while watching “pulp fiction”

  1. Great list and great concept! Mind if I steal it for a post?

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