18 important things i’ve learned while watching ‘street fighter’

Name: Street Fighter (1994)


Imdb page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0111301/

Important things i’ve learned while watching this:

01. A move titled Street Fighter has nothing to do with street fighting.
02. Bison troopers wear red and white gi uniforms only when Ryu and Ken are introduced to them. The rest of the time, they take them off and wear soldier uniforms.
03. A French accent is all American.
04. Spitting will cause you to dehydrate.
05. If a dancer looks at you for a second, she wants you to follow her.
06. If you are watching TV, and you see a truck full of explosives heading toward your base, quickly change the channel.
07. If you get electrotcuted to death, your boots will light up and you can fly.
08. Some colonels are convinced momentarily that 1 knife can scare off 20+ soldiers.
09. The Van Damme kick is an instant kill every time.
10. Soldiers find war documentaries scary and disturbing.
11. When you jump off a floating platform, make sure you pose and scream like a special move for nore apparent reason.
12. Before you finish your sentence, throw down whatever is in your hand for dramatic effect.
13. Despite being green hairy monsters, friends can still instantly recognize them, even in the dark.
14. It’s important to wear large metal shoulder pads when your an evil dictator.
15. Always name every plot point of your evil plan a variation of your last name. example: Bisonopolis and the Bison Dollar.
16. While in the room of the evil madman be sure to tell him your entire life story.
17. If you are female, and are captured by a mad dictator, he will give you a tight, skimpy red dress to wear, complete with matching stockings.
18. When your enemy’s base is destroyed, it is very important to do a victory pose with your comrades.

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