52 important things i’ve learned while watching ‘tropic thunder’

Name: Tropic Thunder (2008)


Imdb page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0942385/

Important things i’ve learned while watching this:

01. When playing a retard, never become completely retarded for the role… Just play it somewhat retarded…
02. Heroin doesn’t neccesarily make you thin.
03. Children in China can be druglords.
04. Never work for Tom Cruise in a fat suit.
05. That the Blu-ray vs HD-DVD format war came down to Gamers and Porn.
06. You can get working hook prosthetic hands that easily go over your real hands. Good to know if you want to illegaly park in the handicapped spot or just get weird looks from people.
07. Even with all of the advances, blue contact lenses still look fake on dark eyed people.
08. No one had a cell phone in 1969.
09. Method actors only come out of character when they finished DVD commentary.
10. Adopting a kid is better than having one naturally because you get to pick the one you want.
11. If Rick Peck promises you a TiVo you’re getting a TiVo .
12. Jamie Lee Curtis was almost blinded filming Freaky Friday.
13. To be condemned, is to die.
14. Most famous “gangsta” rappers have secret crushes on a guy named Lance.
15. Alpa Chino (doesn’t really) loves that…(you know)
16. Nick Nolte has hands.
17. Jack Black will even “swallow the gravy” when tied up to a tree close to large amounts of drugs.
18. Being a combat veteran doesn’t give you the right to talk without the permission of the executive producer.
19. Your friend’s life is worth a Gulfstream V bizjet.
20. Mother nature just pissed her pants suit.
21. Your body might be shackled, but that doesnt matter as long as your mind wanders free.
22. Kirk Lazarus does not read the script. The script reads Kirk Lazarus.
23. In a time where to be different means condemn… in a time when condemn means death…
24. Alpa Chino endorses Booty Sweat!®©™
25. It all seems simple until a G5 is tossed into the mix (and lots of money!).
26. Since Forest Gump won in table tennis, he never went full retard and that is why Tom Hanks won an Oscar!
27. Don’t watch “Scorcher” too many times, it could give you the hives!
28. I don’t know what it’s called; I only know the sound it makes when it takes a man’s life.
29. Pineapple can get you more shredded than a Julian salad.
30. Just because it’s a theme song doesn’t make it not true.
31. Everyone’s gay once in awhile.
32. The key grip’s job is to hit the director.
33. That severed head is dripping corn syrup and red dye…blood flavored corn syrup
34. Yes, that dude is DEAD.
35. Always do research when doing a movie about a true story.
36. Tom Cruise does not negotiate with terrorist.
37. TiVo will save your life.
38. Little boys (and Kirk) play with thier dick when they’re nervous.
39. Simple Jack came actually came out in VHS.
40. Les Grossman is a big d*ck PLAYA!
41. THE UNIVERSE SPEAKING TO YOU is actually flo rida and t-pain.
42. Tobey Maguire won the mtv best kiss award.
43. Writing a fake book about the Vietnam War is like punching the American Flag in the face!
44. Chinese drug lords think ANY American is DEA scum.
45. Beds give Four Leaf nightmares.
46. If the machine breaks down, we break down.
47. It’s Vietcong, not Vietcongs. You wouldn’t call them Chineses…
48. “Pecker” knows what to do when you kill a hooker.
49. Lincoln Osirus was a saucier.
50. In some cultures, flatulence is considered a compliment .
51. Kirk Lazarus won more academy awards than any other actor.
52. Tugg Speedman thinks he is a one man GPS system.

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